“Exploring Contemporary Art and Design”

Our organizational has been hosting contemporary art exhibitions, seminars and art talks since 2011. Under the nurturing and curatorial management of art historian Dr. Gizem PAMUKÇU TATLICI, we have earnt a reputation of visionary excellence in Istanbul’s new vibrant art and design scene. We explore all possible exhibition avenues and venues to promote our artists and designers. From various well known historical places to famous indoor&outdoor hotel venues.

As well as home grown talent we also support and promote established international artists from around the world. As art consultants our main aim is to spread the word globally….

The words being Art & Design and how integral they are in our lives. They enrich our daily life in so many abstract ways, both conscious and subconscious.

The essence and core of our group, are the artists and designers themselves, our goal is to be a bridge between the practitioner and collector. Our new projects;

The Coolectibles Gallery creates a platform where artists and artisans can meet discerning art lovers and collectors.

ArtbankDAO aims to organize digital art exhibitions of video and NFT works which have become popular in past few years.


Art Events